"A MAIN LINE HOME IN DISRESPECT" - when we first arrived this once regal home was no more. On the cusp of demolition it was decided to restore this home to its glory with all the modern amenities. As the builder says "let it be said, let it be done" and our crew commenced with extreme demoliton to accomodate the decided improvements. as it shows below it started down to bare framing. Aside from numerous masonry modifications within the structure, the entire stucco cover was removed to the bare brick structure and replaced with a thin set brick veneer of which our men hand cut with a wet saw out of full brick, same goes for 3 massive chimneys. Installed new brickwork, new stonework matching existing, repointing of existing stone work, flagstone walkways & patios w/concrete. as you can see it was quite an enduring job utilizing all of our masonry skills, & some. ENJOY !