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Shumock Masonry Contractor


Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Lehigh, Chester Counties - Pa. and surrounding areas since 1981

Brick Work

Brick is a longstanding favorite as far as a valued veneer for homes & buildings today. A man made product with a history as a reliable building materials first recongnized in this country as far back as Jamestown settlement when it became a mandated building material when fire consumed the original settlement.

Although brick construction methods have changed over the many years the personality has been modified into many colors and blends of brick selections, The appeal remains the same and is an affordable enhancement to any structure as a veneer product.
Custom Stone Radius Steps / Brick Pavers / Terrace Walls
Custom masonry presents challenges for almost any skilled mason contractor.

As a "Master Mason" contractor Shumock Masonry has enjoyed 34+ years serving the Bucks County, Montgomery County & surrounding areas. Complexity is not an obstacle, it's merely a challenge to the interpretation of an accurate vision of the final product and all considerations of the other related phases involved.

The nucleus of our company is centered around the 3 (three) skilled tradesmen who have worked together @ Shumock Masonry day in and day out for more than 30 years. Stone, Brick and Flagstone are second nature to us.

Stone Walls & Natural Stone Work

Natural Stone applications can and will enhance your property maybe as stone walls or driveway entrance structures.

Stone applications of natural stone can be diversely conducive to being "wet" laid in mortar or dry stacked with out mortar joints / beds.

Natural stone work wide range of colors and blends of natural stone along with particular cuts and lay patterns . Be it a field stone ruble, ashlar, rough square cut, mosaic lay patterns natural stone work will enhance any property.

Specific Stone patterns are attained via the meticulous craft of stone cutting of our accomplished crew of stone masons.

Patio Fireplace / Flagstone / Custom Pavilion
Masonry enables the opportunity to uniquely blend together the various phases - stone & flagstone. 

Intricately installed to combine the various venues of the outdoor masonry fireplace with in an open entertainment area flanked on all sides by Bluestone capped garden walls. All of this to be focused around a natural cut stone encased cooking & grill kitchen area.

If its your dream to have something like this, then it's also your dream to have Shumock Masonry install the same quality of workmanship!

Unique Custom Stone / Brick Combination House Facade

Notice the intricately cut Wissahickon Schist coursed pattern with gauged mortar joints, combined with brick and a pre-cast entrance surround. 

A uniquely designed combination of materials illuminate the front of home with a masonry fireplace chimney as a focal point with the herringbone brick inset & brick shoulders.

The integrated brick details accurately shown here makes this stone front stand out from the rest.
Fireplace / Chimneys / Interior Facades

The diversity of our craftsmen has been proven over the years, time after time constructing over 1000+ masonry fireplaces & chimneys, in addition to hundreds and hundreds of flagstone sidewalks & patios over the past three decades. 

As a matter of fact, Mr. Shumock is a U.S. Patent holder for modular masonry fireplace concepts, design & functionality which was certified for safety with Underwriters Laboratories inc. @ Northbrook, Ill.

So if its a safe functioning masonry fireplace you want, look no further, Shumock Masonry is the safe choice.

Masonry Chimney Repairs / Thoro-Lastic Coating

Masonry repairs is our bread & butter work, focusing on masonry repairs for the homeowner or private customer. If your looking for an honest, trustworthy mason contractor to serve your masonry repairs around your home and/or investment properties Shumock Masonry is among the best in Bucks & Montgomery Counties. 

Along with your masonry needs we can cosmetically dress up that old drabby stucco finish or even change that stucco color with our new warrantied "Thoro Lastic" stucco coating. An elastomeric coating that is applied in 2 (two) separate coats will revitalize any stucco finish to its original luster.

Thoro Lastic coatings have a 10 year manufacturer guarantee, no fading, fills in cracks.

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